One of the best things I did with my kid

On Jamie’s 18th birthday

I sat him down in front of the television and played him a video of his three-year-old self. He burst out laughing so hard — tears rolled down his cheeks.

In the classic experiment from the 1970s, psychologist Walter Mischel placed a small treat in front of young children. He…

Close your eyes and try this simple test

Can standing on one leg really predict how long you will live?

According to research, Yes

Kyoto University researchers led by Yasuharu Tabara have identified poor balance as an indicator of potential stroke and reduced lifespan.

The research studied a group of 1,300 middle-aged and older people. They found that being unable to balance…

I had to laugh when I compared it to what we did in the police

In a leaked memo, Elon Musk sent every employee in Tesla his six rules for productivity. Unsurprisingly, they are good.

I had to laugh when I compared it to what we did in the police — and I bet they are still doing it.

#1. Leave a meeting if you are not contributing.

Walk out of a meeting or…

And help you ‘win’ every argument you ever find yourself in

Picture the Scene…

You are minding your own business, watching the big game, reading the paper or drinking tea and pondering life, the universe, and everything.

Then, WHACK!

Your partner wants to talk.

“Did you make a sandwich earlier, Honey?”

It’s an innocuous question. But it fills you with dread.

What have I…

The easy way to learn from the best in 30 minutes a day

  • Walking the dog.
  • Commuting to work.
  • Spare minutes in the shower.

All these are opportunities to maximise your learning.

I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts doing exactly that. I’ve also researched the best Business and Entrepreneurship podcasts. There are no secrets if you know where to look — or listen…

Shh, don’t tell anyone — do these best things instead

Do you remember when you were a teenager, and you could wake at the crack of noon and still not need to pee until Judge Rinder came on?

Things change.

Hairs sprout from the end of your nose. Knees ache. Hips click. …

Not the super-rich, not the innovators or the early adopters

Exploding firework

Craig is a retired firefighter, he works part-time in his gardening business, which gives him a nice disposable income.

Mike drives lorries, earns enough to provide for his family and enjoys a reasonable lifestyle. However, he is a keen saver and is slowly building a nest egg.

Colin is a…


Why do we have to put up with people dipping the public purse?

My wall collapsed. I asked a builder to tell me how much it will cost me to repair. The builder factored in the cost of materials, wages, and his profit. And he gave me a quote.

When he rebuilt the wall, he sent me an invoice and I paid it…

And the difference between being genuine and faking it

During WWII, parts of London were destroyed, especially badly hit was the East End. One morning the High Street lay in ruins — as you might expect after a night of bombing by the Luftwaffe.

You would expect this to dispirit the local inhabitants, but not so. The only building…

That’s the Scottish Health Service for you

The last time I saw my friend Gus he related this horrifying tale:

On Monday morning, Gus took a trip to his barber. On his turn, he settled into the chair and his barber got to work, not that there was much hair left to work with. …

Malky McEwan

Dives into deep learning experiences. Writes on a wide variety of curious and fascinating topics, all served with a dollop of humour.

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