One of the best things I did with my kid.

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On Jamie’s 18th birthday

How to be as happy as a child

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Humans are limited only by their lack of curiosity.

They only want to tell you about…

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And what you should do to avoid a ticket if stopped by the police

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It takes a strength of character few possess.

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A top chef let me in on this trick and science agreed with him.

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I have a dream — one day you might read these

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And this is why I’m keeping an eye on their anticipated IPO

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On Sunday, my wife sold her car.

Who can make the most money with it in a year

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I created a new WhatsApp group for me and my three kids.

The Format

Constable Sylvester’s quick-witted prank hooked me like a hungry guppy

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Malky McEwan

Wrote a funny police memoir, people liked it so he wrote some more. He has a dream...

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