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Malky McEwan
9 min readDec 8, 2020


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Here’s an interesting scientific fact — you can’t catch yourself not thinking. It’s odd, then, when people catch me not thinking at all.

I have a curious mind; my interests are as many as they are varied. The universe is vast, but it is made up of tiny particles. Our brains are like that; we concentrate our attention on one small thing at a time.

I read in a comfy chair in my lounge. If you look out of the window, you will see a big house across the street. It is habited by a nice middle-aged couple. He teaches the bagpipes, and she works in a bank.

He hasn’t been working during the COVID-19 crisis. Instead, he has built a second garage, a garden fence and a small wall running either side of his front path. She bought a new car and has been on a Yoyo diet for as long as we’ve lived here — 28-years.

The only reason I know these things is that, now and then, my wife comes in, looks out of the window, sees what they are up to and then tells me. I am sure there are more facts about our neighbours she has told me, but…

I like big ideas.

I’m interested in what changes us from the inside out, the concepts that stop people in their tracks and make them think. The actions that make a difference in our world. These are what creators should pay attention to—not the Jones’s across the road with their new Kia Sportage.

If you want fantastic content ideas, make sure you are focussing your attention on something other than the mundane.

Humans are limited only by their lack of curiosity.

Sadly, curiosity is often misplaced.

When I am told, ‘You’re not listening to me.’ It is not because I am not thinking — it’s because I have better things to think about than the bored piper and his fat wife across the street.

‘I was listening, darling. You suspect he is a serial-killer, and she is helping him bury the bodies in their garden.’

‘No. I said he is eating his cereal, while she is planting a bonsai tree in the garden.’

I read a dozen books at a time.



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